WBMT Workshop & Symposium (February 25-27,2022)

On behalf of the organizing committee, we welcome you all to the 7th Worldwide Network for Blood and Marrow Transplantation (WBMT) Workshop in Islamabad, Pakistan. This represents a historical event involving global experts, who are known for their efforts to improve health care access and treatment throughout the World. This workshop is a continuation of events pioneered by WBMT, aiming at helping countries with restricted transplant resources and activity.

We are delighted to welcome our friends and participants from all over the world to this prestigious event. We hope that this event will increase knowledge, skills, networking with new friends and colleagues and last but not the least, to enjoy the Pakistani culture and hospitality.

WBMT workshops

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Global Transplant Activity Data

WBMT conducts annual global surveys of HCT activity performed by transplant centers. The annual survey displays volume of, and main indications for, allogeneic (related, unrelated, and graft source information) and autologous HCT activity. Participate by filling in the reporting sheet. Reporting Sheet


WBMT organizes workshop on a regular base. The workshops are successful in developing transplant programs in Asia, Africa, South America.

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World Health Organization

WBMT is in official relations with the WHO.

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Being part of WBMT is being part of an international community, which helps to optimize the global development of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.

Mickey Koh
Head of Haematology at St George’s Hospital and Medical School, London, UK