Become a corporate member

WBMT offers several membership levels, each providing corporations with information and resources useful for marketing managers, medical doctors, product managers and transplant coordinators. According to WBMT bylaws, the mission of the WBMT is to promote excellence in stem cell transplantation, stem cell donation, cellular therapy and accreditation through collaboration of existing international societies using coordination, communication and advocacy. The corporate sponsorship will not pre-empt the activities of WBMT Member Societies.

Depending on the contribution level, corporate sponsors may be eligible for: Meeting with Executive Committee Members, a WBMT Directory, acknowledgment of support, annual activity survey information and scientific consultation on global studies.

If you are interested, you can contact one of the WBMT Executive Committee Members.

WBMT Executive Committee Officers overview


Become an active member

If your society is a WBMT member, you can easily join one of the WBMT Standing Committees and participate in the project. If you are interested, you can contact the chairs of the Standing Committees.

Standing Committees overview