Committee Mission

WBMT Nurses Group is formed to answer the group’s particular concerns with focus in countries that has no organized nursing group or are overlooked whose progress in SCT & CT nursing knowledge and patient care is hampered by lack of support, relevant training, and up-to-date information. The WBMT NG will provide leadership, education, and support to nursing professionals involved in SCT & CT worldwide, particularly nurses in emerging countries. The committee is responsible for addressing issues related to nursing practice, evidence-based nursing care and advocating for nursing excellence in SCT & CT through collaboration and consultation with existing international societies such as the ASTCT, EBMT, AFBMT, LABMT, EMBMT, among others.

Meetings & Teleconfereces

The WBMT NG Committee meet by videoconference once a month or as needed according to the ongoing projects.

Completed Projects

  • The WBMT NG Committee has conducted a two-day webinar titled “Nigeria BMT Nurses Online Workshop” held on 16 & 17 November 2023 in collaboration with the Lagos University Teaching Hospital and the Sickle Cell Foundation Nigeria which comprised of the following: - 35 topics, 27 speakers from 13 countries - Around 900 registrants, 433+ actual attendees (online & onsite) from 37 countries of 7 regions
  • By-laws finalized and approved.

Ongoing Projects

Ongoing Projects

  • Preparations for the Mongolian BMT Nurses workshop for the 9th WBMT Workshop & Symposium 2024 in Mongolia
  • Monthly webinar as follow-up program for the Nigerian nurses
  • Ukrainian BMT Nurses webinar program in place with Dr Aleksander Istomin (Bridging knowledge gaps for BMT Nurses in Ukraine)
  • Team formation and planning of development of BMT educational materials for Low-Middle Income Countries (LMIC)
  • Drafting of project on how to train high quality nursing leaders in LMIC
  • Drafting of WBMT NG Committee Newsletter

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Reggie Belkhedim

Member Society, EMBMT

Eugenia Trigoso

Member Society, EBMT

Paola Viveros Lamas

Member Society, LABMT