Committee Mission

The mission of the WHO Liaison Committee is to recommend to the Executive Committee policies, programs, and actions pertaining to the continuation of collaborative projects with the WHO in pursuit of WBMT’s educational, scientific and philanthropic mission. This includes projects to promote global access to hematopoietic cell donation and transplantation as well as administration of other cellular therapies, technical and scientific input on safety and quality of HCT and cellular therapies and consultation services with emphasis on HCT and cellular therapies.

Meetings & Teleconferences

The group meets annually and by telephone conferences throughout the year.

Completed Projects

  • Annual Report to WHO about WHO WBMT collaborative projects.

Ongoing Projects

  • Report on the WBMT Pakistan Workshop together with the Education & Dissemination Committee and local organizers.
  • Support for Ukrainian HCT teams.
  • Worldwide survey on current use of cell and gene therapies and future needs, including mapping of how practices are regulated together with the Graft Processing and Cellular Therapy Committee.
  • Future Plans: • Safety standards, quality management systems and accreditation processes currently available for the development of gene and cell therapies together with Accreditation Committee (AHCTA); • Minimum requirements for establishing an advanced cellular therapy and gene therapy facility together with Education & Dissemination Committee, Accreditation Committee (AHCTA) an Graft Processing and Cellular Therapy Committee; • Work with the WHO on Global Action Framework in Stem Cell Donation and Transplantation.

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Hildegard Greinix

WBMT Past President