Committee Mission

The mission of the Donor Issues Committee is to recommend to the Executive Committee policies, programs, and actions pertaining to the identification of stem cell donors (bone marrow, peripheral blood, and cord blood), harvesting procedures, product transportation, donor safety practices, and outcomes / long term follow-up within a member collection center; this includes the conduct of individuals and processes related to these procedures and practices.

Meetings & Teleconfereces

The Donor Issues Committee meets annually. The Donor Issues Committee has organized four Donor Outcome Workshops. Workshops have been in Bern, Leiden, Vienna, Tel Aviv.

Completed Projects

The Donor Issues Committee completed the following projects:

Ongoing Projects

The Donor Issues Committee continues to work on the following projects:

  • Develop suitability criteria of donors with risk for infectious diseases (travel history) or living in areas of endemic infectious diseases.
  • Donor Follow Up and Serious Adverse and Events reporting in different countries.
  • We would like to understand the influence of G-CSF mobilization on the clinical presentation of Covid-19 in patients or related donors who were subsequently found to be infected. By filling in this questionnaire you agree that the compiled data will be published with no individual center identification. All centers responding to the questionnaire will be acknowledged. Because we expect it to be a rare event, we also ask your permission to contact you again for more detailed information on the follow up of these patients/donors.

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