WBMT Workshops

26-28 September 2024
9th WBMT Workshop & Symposium

The WBMT Education & Dissemination Committee organizes the 9th WBMT Workshop & Symposium from 26-28 September 2024, in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. More details will follow.

16-17 November 2023

The 2-day Online Workshop is a comprehensive program on the basics and advance approaches to BMT patient care at its pre-transplant, transplant and posttransplant stages. Scientific presentations will be participated and delivered by 26 expert nurse-speakers from the different regions of the world.

  • Find the flyer here.
  • Find the program here.
2022 September 22-24
8th WBMT Workshop Pakistan
  • Program of the Workshop via this link.
  • Program of the Symposium via this link.
  • Program of the Nursing session via this link.
  • Find the full website for this event here.
2018 September 19-21
5th WBMT Workshop Beijing
2017 January 15-17
4th WBMT Workshop Riyadh
2014 November 14-15
3rd WBMT Workshop South Africa
2013 October 3-5
2nd WBMT Workshop Salvador
2011 November 10-11
1st WBMT Workshop Hanoi