Who we are

The WBMT is incorporated as a non-profit organisation for educational, scientific and philanthropic purposes under the laws of Switzerland and is located in Liebefeld. The members of the WBMT are: voting societies and non-voting societies.

  • Voting societies are organisation involved in stem cell donation, SCT and CT, which fit into one or more of the following categories:
    • Professional and scientific societies with international membership
    • Outcome registries with international data collections
    • Organizations with international scope in the areas of accreditation, standard-setting, quality systems and regulatory compliance/harmonisation
    • International societies with an educational mission relevant to SCT and CT
  • Non-voting societies are organisations or individuals involved in SCT and CT that are not affiliated with a member organisation and that do not meet requirements for voting society membership, but are deemed to represent a relevant community. This should fit one or more of the following categories:
    • National societies without representation in an international society that is a voting society
    • National outcome registries without representation in an international registry that is a voting society
    • Selected national or international regulatory agencies
    • Individuals with specific expertise deemed by the board to be important to the WBMT’s mission
    • Private companies with activites/products relevant to SCT or CT

Mahmoud Aljurf, MD


Mickey Koh

Vice President

Sebastian Galeano


Annalisa Ruggeri


Hildegard Greinix, MD

Immediate Past President

Jitske Barneveld Binkhuysen

Administrative Assistant