Committee Mission

The mission of the Accreditation Committee is to recommend to the Executive Committee policies, programs, and actions in the area of any/all issues pertaining to regulatory matters, practices and codes with both inter- and intra-national implications. This involves procedures related to all activities of the other Standing Committees. In its vigilance to avoid duplication of efforts, WBMT members agreed early (2009) that AHCTA would fulfil the role of the WBMT Accreditation Committee.

Meetings & Teleconfereces

The Accreditation Committee meets by teleconference at least quarterly and in person once or twice per year, as international conference attendance permits.

Completed Projects

Crosswalk – comparison of cellular therapy standards

Quality terminology


  • Training practices of cell processing laboratory staff

Joint publication with participation from AABB, EBMT, ASFA, ISBT, JACIE and WMDA

  • Harmonisation of terminology and processes related to adverse events related to cell therapy administration.

Ongoing Projects

The Accreditation Committee continues to work on the following projects:

  • Education efforts regarding different Cell Therapy accreditation pathways exist worldwide to include FACT, JACIE, AABB, Cord Blood Banks
  • Education efforts in areas which seem to be an obstacle to achieve accredatation e.g. Quality programs and different quality programs in different areas of the world

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