Salvador 2013

Salvador Bahia 2013 / Program Workshop


1st workshop, Thursday morning

WHO and Stem cell transplantation

Country HCT Acitvity – Columbia 
Country HCT Activity –  Ecuador  – Dra. Guadalupe Ormaza Zuniga
Country HCT Activity – Brazil  – B. Simoes
Country HCT Activity – Panama  – G. Espino
Country HCT Activity – Paraguay  – D. Gonzales
Country HCT Activity – Peru  – A. Carrasco
Country HCT Activity – Venezuela  – Dr. Francisco Ramirez Osio
Current Indications for Transplant  – D. Weisdorf
Gain Experience – Start Auto vs Allo  – J. Palma
Global Perspectives of HCT  – D. Niederwieser
Interaction with Health Authorities  – J. Palma
INTRO to PROGRAM – M. Pasquini
Minimal Program Requirements  – J. Palma
Overview of HSCT in Latin America  – C.Bonfim, Ricardo Pasquini, Federal University of Parana
Presentation WBMT Registro – Dr. W. Bujan
Starting a HSCT Program – front lines perspective – J. Palma
Training of HSCT: knowledge and skill – Ritsuro Suzuki, Nagoya University, Japan
Training in Latin America – H. Scott 2013-10-03
WBMT country presentation Costa Rica – Dr. Willem Bujan, Dra. Maria Rondriguez
What do we need to get started?  – Hildegard Greinix, Medical University of Vienna, Austria


2nd workshop, Thursday afternoon

Cost of a Program – C. Vergueiro
Country HCT Activity – Brazil V2 – B. Simoes
Current Indications for Transplant V2 – D. Weisdorf
Donor Selection – G. Ruiz-Arguelles
Gain Experience – Start Auto vs Allo – D. Weisdorf
Limitations and Contraindications of HSCT – G. Jaimovich
Limitations and Contraindications of HSCT – Y. Kodera
Starting a HSCT Program – G. Ruiz-Arguelles
Training  – Japan V2 – R. Suzuki
Triage for Potential Recipients – G. Espino
What do we need to get Started V2 – H. Greinix
Where to Start – Auto vs Allo –  J. Apperley
Which Patients can be best Served by a Program – D. Gomez
Which Patients can be best Served by a Program – Y. Kodera ________________________________________________________________________

3rd workshop, Friday morning

Children as donors – M. Bitan
Discussion Questions for Donor Selection and Safety
Donor Infections – J. Halter
Donor Outcome and Follow-up – J. Halter  (Removed for copyright reasons)
Donor Outcome Follow-Up – Y. Kodera
Donor Registries and Cord Blood Banks – D. Confer
Donor Safety and Suitability for Donation – B. Shaw
Graft Source and Algorithm – J. Palma
Graft Source and Algorithm – V. Rocha
Heterogeneity of HLA System – L. Bouzas
Legislative and Ethical Frameworks for Donation & Transplantation in Latin America – J. Nunez


Pictures Salavador 2013

Program: Scientific Symposium of the WBMT, Salvador-Bahia, Brazil, 5th October 2013


2nd Symposium, Saturday

Complications after HCT – D. Niederwieser
Graft Failure after HCT – V. Rocha
GVHD – H. Greinix
Haplo – J. Palma
PB vs BM grafts for HCT – D. Weisdorf
Treatment of cGVHD – D. Weisdorf
Unrelated CB HCT – V. Rocha